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Bespoke software development

These are examples of some of the many bespoke programs we have written.

Plant labels for garden centres

Usually when you buy a plant from a garden centre, the plant will be sold with a plastic label. This label will typically show the name of the plant and 3 or 4 lines describing it. The price will be on the label, as will a bar code.

These labels are printed by the growing nurseries.

McMillan had a contract for a nursery to provide an interface to a special printer that produced these labels. We provided a form that allowed the users to select a plant, the quantity and the selling price for the garden centre. Our program read the plant details from a database of many thousands of plants. It generated the bar code, assembled the data for the labels and printed the required number on a special printer.

Estimating costs of roofing

We had a contract to replace a DOS system that estimated the costs of flat roofing. This is a complex process.
There may be several roof sections on a building. A section can contain several layers of material. Some materials need underlays, or adhesive or gas. Labour has to be included.

McMillan provided a spreadsheet style grid which allowed a section to be built up a layer at a time. This pulled information from a database to compute the cost of each layer. We provided maintentance of the database of materials, suppliers, the links between materials in a layer, and other data. We ported the data from the DOS system.



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