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News from John McMillan

November 2016
Production of web site

John's latest client is Colchester based artist Lupe Cunha. Lupe has commissioned John to develop a new web site to show and sell her paintings. At present she has a web site produced through Wix, but will be launching her custom built site in the New Year. Watch this space.

February 2016
Special offer on books

John's books How to Write Software Software for Sale and How to Market Your Business are on offer for a price of just 99p in the UK.

April 2015
Developing auto responder software

McMillan won a contract to support and enhance a major auto responder package called ARP Reach

February 2015
Web technology to provide business solutions

Like some other software developers, we have found that web technology can be used to make bespoke database applications much more affordable and usable. See John's blog post.

John has written some apps that are delivered for low cost through the clients' web browsers. One client needed to replace old software to compute estimate costs for flat roofing. Another needed to produce job sheets.

August 2014
New blog launched

There is now a blog on the web site. This contains a series of tips on developing sowftware, and on commissioning bespoke software. See the blog or a list of posts.

June 2014
Major Software Project

John was brought in to project manage a large web site (details are still confidential). He managed a team of three designers and seven PHP developers. Several were contractors working outside the UK. Quite a challenge to manage and coordinate!

February 2014
Web Site Development

Well, that was quite something. I was booked to finalise a web site. I quickly found the site was nowhere near ready. It turned out that the project was an e-commerce site with 100 pages of PHP as well as lots of other technologies. It had been created by a web design company that had overreached itself. It's been very satisfying sorting them out - if only it had been lucrative!

August 2013
Another Kindle Book Published

John's new book "How to Market Your Business" has now been published. You can buy or preview it from Amazon (UK) or (USA and World). This covers everything you need to know about how to approach marketing.
(If you don't own a Kindle, Amazon provide free readers for PC, Mac and mobile phones.)

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