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About John McMillan

John McMillanJohn McMillan is a mentor for organisations that wish to diversify into software apps. He has 30 years’ experience developing, managing and marketing software.  In that time he has partnered with (some) 20 companies and public bodies to turn their knowledge into IT products.  He has worked with SMEs, public bodies and ICL who were Europe’s largest computer company at the time.

John writes and talks on technology and enterprise. He has run many workshops for business groups and at universities, including Cambridge. He is the author of Kindle books How to write software for sale and How to market your business.

He’s also a pretty mean blues guitarist.

John can help deliver your project in a number of ways, such as

  • Prepare the business case
  • Identify marketing benefits, targets and strategy
  • Guide the development team and manage software quality
  • Project planning and management


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