How to write software for sale

“How to Write Software for Sale” is an e-book that describes what has to be done to write and sell an app or software.

What the book covers

  • Increasing Your Chances of Success
  • Planning the Project
  • Devices and platforms
  • How to go about the design, functional specification
  • Usability and design
  • Increasing sales through quality
  • Program design and specification, version control
  • How to test, alpha and beta tests
  • Selling and Marketing
  • Charging and licensing

Buy the book

The book costs 99p in the UK, $1.43 elsewhere.  Amazon provide a free Kindle reader for PCs and tablets.  Buy from Amazon in the UK or rest of the world.


“I really must say that this book has provided me with valuable direction that I really needed at the current stage of my product development. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in developing software and advise them to read it before starting out.” – Amazon customer

“We’re working on writing software and I was concerned the business plan needed some more work, this book helped us get this on track and we are going ahead with a project that I may well have shelved if it was not for this book and the advice it gives.” – Mr S. Whitehead

If you are thinking of developing a software application or have already started and have a shed load of code, stop now, buy this book and read it. If you have done little or no market research, have no list of user requirements and have no idea about the user interface or functional design you are heading for serious disappointment if you aim to sell your software application.  … ” – Mr Raymond C Hooper

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