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I want to write an app: Where do I start?

Computing Platform

The first decision is which platform you will use to run your app.  The principal modern platforms are PC, Apple Mac and mobile devices (phones and pads).  Some applications are delivered as web services and there are also games consoles.  Think about who will use your app and the devices they will want to use.  Web based apps have the advantage that they can be used on all devices.

Both Apple and Android provide software development kits that provide many facilities that relieve the programmer of much of the work.  These are available as free downloads.

What sort of user?

Do not forget that different people have very different attitudes to technology. Some people love playing with games consoles and smart phones. Some always want fashionable devices. At the other extreme, many people dislike anything technical and just want to do a job. Make sure you cater for what your customers want.

Your mother’s friends have smart phones now!

What sort of app?

There are lots of different types of app.  For example:

  • business
  • games
  • education and training
  • widgets

Their users have different needs and expectations. You need to tailor the way your app looks and works for them.

How to write the app?

If you are writing for a mobile device (phone or pad), you need the development kit for the device.  For Apple, that is Cocoa, for Android it is Eclipse.  If you are writing for a PC, the main choices are Visual Basic (VB) or Visual C.  The main ways to develop web apps are PHP or Microsoft ASP.  PHP is probably easier to use, it is open source and available as a free download.

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